We spend more time online and with covid19 our time online has no doubt increased.

While we are online shopping and exploring, our personal information is being collected by Data Brokers every day. The information collected is available to the public and to those wishing to get our personal data for their financial benefit.

Just check out www.whitepages.com and enter your name, City and State. You will find your: Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Numbers and Relatives along with their personal data. Everything that is needed to begin stealing your Identity and that of anyone connected to you.

Having an IDShield membership not only provides you with monitoring and restoration should you be a victim but a Licensed Investigator can walk you through the process of deleting your personal information stored by the data brokers.

Click HERE to watch a short video on the benefits of having IDShield protect your personal data.

As always, if you have questions or would like to sign up for IDShield, give Fred Wood a call at (877) 215-3812 ext.0.