F.J. Wood and Associates 10 non-negotiable principals of business:

  1. Everything we talk about is strictly personal and confidential.  Only an official agent from F.J. Wood, the Insurer and the paramed company if required, will know of any discussions that take place unless you choose to tell them.
  2. There are no “Hot Specials” of the week.  There is nothing you need to do today or you will miss out on the next “great insurance opportunity”.
  3. If you have other advisors that you work with, we will welcome the opportunity to meet with them to establish the validity of our recommendation.  We do not expect you to proceed with our advice if you are getting conflicting responses.  If we cannot justify to your other advisors that what we recommend is in your best interest, there is no pressure to proceed with our recommendation.
  4. We are independent.  Because we are not beholden to any single product or financial services provider, we are uniquely positioned to offer the appropriate solution to fit only our clients’ needs.
  5. We believe in and operate within a common set of ethics with the goal of serving our clients with dignity and respect.
  6. We listen.
  7. We care.
  8. We service our clients.
  9. We work not only for you, but with you.  You are not by yourself.
  10. This is about you and your loved ones.