Perfect for:

Clients who are overweight or have minor health issues.

Clients who are insulin-dependent  or non insulin diabetics

Term insurance is one of the simplest life insurance products available. It allows you to

purchase larger amounts of coverage in a cost-effective way.

Simply put, it’s pure coverage  you pay your premium; your beneficiary receives the benefit.

At F.J. Wood & Associates Life Insurance, we’ve made it simple to purchase affordable term life insurance coverage without undergoing medical exams or providing bodily fluids for lab tests, even if you’ve been turned down before.

Just complete a short application over the telephone with yes/no health questions to determine eligibility and participate in a brief personal history interview by phone.

We know simplified issue life insurance – it’s what we do. It’s that simple.

Immediate death benefit, no waiting period.

No routine medical exams, blood work or physician’s statements.

Short telephone application with yes/no health questions to help us determine


Guaranteed level premiums for the length of the initial term period followed by premium that

increase annually.

Guaranteed renewable coverage.

Coverage that can’t be cancelled so long as premiums are paid on time.

Riders and benefits that can help tailor these products to your particular needs.

No-cost Terminal Illness Benefit.


Fred Wood

F.J. Wood & Associates Life Insurance

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Availability of, and benefits payable under, the insurance products described are subject to state availability, state variations, restrictions and eligibility requirements.

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Policy forms: 200-364, 200-434, 200-737, 200-788 (UHL); 18-364, 18-434, 18-737, 18-788 (UFFL).

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